About Us


Personae represents talent. Individuals who are known for their artistic interpretations across all media. Actors, musicians, illustrators, designers, and artists. We work with our clients globally on all commercial undertakings; including advertising campaigns, ambassadorships, brand alliances, sponsorship, licensing and content creation.


Personae's bespoke approach focuses on working with Brands and Advertising Agencies at any stage of the process. We will propose and cast the entire project, or simply guarantee the client achieves the best leveraged deals possible with over 20 years of experience drafting major talent contracts and navigating the complex landscape of endorsements and SAG.

Content Creation

Personae works with its clients in regards to the creation of content, from inception of ideas to allocation of budgets down to production when necessary. Our background with talent puts us in the lead on social media.


Personae works with individuals and companies to license assets. We have 20 years of experience negotiating for estates, artists, companies and designers.


Personae's approach is to work in partnership with its clients, ensuring a long term strategy on brand positioning – from the acquisition of talent to the location of an event, from a 360° media plan to influencers product placement.